Well hello there!

Throughout my life I have had a passion for traveling. Whether it has been exploring my local surroundings or going to the other side of the world – I’ve constantly been on the lookout for new adventures. There’s truly something special about travel. In addition to seeing some of the most beautiful sights and tasting some of the most delicious foods, you get to also witness new cultures and broaden your horizons. What an indispensable gift! I’m grateful for everything I have learned so far and am excited to continue exploring new places, and learn more about the world, and sharing my adventures with you all!

A portrait of myself, taken in Barcelona (Spain)

As I write more blog posts and post more of my photography, I hope you’ll get to know me better!

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  1. So nice to meet you (virtually) 🙂
    I lived in Israel and I am currently studying psychology.
    Happy to have discovered your blog.

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