2-day full weekend Brussels itinerary

Brussels should be a city on everyone’s travel list. It has stunning locations with beautiful architecture, some of the friendliest people I have ever met, and has an absolutely delicious cuisine.

I’ve put together an itinerary of things that can allow you to enjoy each one of these aspects. Enjoy the delicious meals, visit those stunning places, and have a relaxing time throughout.

Day 1

Breakfast at Peck 47

Start your morning off right by getting a fun spin on the waffle at Peck 47. Instead of the typical sweet waffle, they serve their waffles with a savoury twist.

Pictured is a waffle topped with two poached eggs with a side of salad and a cappuccino.
Try the Peck Special – a homemade waffle with two poached eggs and bacon, drizzled with their psycho sauce.

This is a hot spot with tourists and locals alike, so make sure to get there early to avoid the long wait in line.

For more photos of their delicious menu, check out Peck 47’s Instagram!

Find Peck 47 conveniently located in the heart of Brussels’ city center!

Mont des Arts

Visit this urban complex and historic site in the centre of Brussels on your way to Laurent Gerbaud for your chocolate workshop. It includes the Royal Library of Belgium, the National Archives of Belgium, the Square- Brussels meeting centre, and a public garden.

On your way there, take your time to explore your surroundings. There are unique stores, souvenir shops, and sometimes outdoor stalls selling trinkets.

Chocolate workshop at Laurent Gerbaud

Put aside 2 hours of your day and learn about the art of chocolate making from chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud.

Pictured is me decorating some chocolates in a mold with nuts, dried fruits, and other goods.
Excited to decorate my chocolates with an array of nuts, dried fruits, and other yummy goodies!

In the first half of the workshop you’ll have the chance to make and design your own chocolates. In the second half, you’ll sample a series of Laurent’s chocolates as he explains how they were made and his creative process behind making them.

Don’t forget to grab a few chocolates from his store before heading out, as you’ll get 10% off what you buy since you attended the workshop!

Sign up for his workshop by emailing: info@chocolatsgerbaud.be

Museum of Natural Sciences

As the name would suggest it, the Museum of Natural Sciences is a museum dedicated to natural history.

The permanent exhibitions include the Dinosaur Gallery (which is the world’s largest museum hall dedicated to dinosaurs), the Galleries of Humankind and Evolution (where you can learn about the human body and evolution, respectively), and the Mineral Hall.

The museum’s Dinosaur Gallery was one of the coolest places I have ever visited.

Ticket prices (permanent + temporary exhibition)
Adults: €9.50
Students; seniors (>65); disabled visitors: €8.50
Children (< 18): €7

Frit Flagey

You can’t go to Belgium and not try the fries there. So take a quick detour, only 15 minutes away.

Frit Flagey serves delicious fries that are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The only hard decision will be when you have to decide which sauce to pair with them.

Holding a cone filled with fries with the backdrop of buildings in Brussels.
Enjoying a delicious cone filled with fries to warm me up during a crisp afternoon in Brussels. Of course, I couldn’t pass up on the sauces and got myself a side of Andalouse (a mix of mayonnaise, tomato paste, and peppers).

La Fleur en Papier d’Oré

One of the best things about Brussels is the amount of cozy restaurants that it has, and La Fleur en Papier d’Oré is definitely one of them.

I had my first meal here a few hours after I landed in Brussels in the evening – and it set my whole adventure off on the right foot. The restaurant itself is quite uniquely decorated with its framed pictures and wall lamps all around. But my favourite part? Seeing everyone be so friendly to one another from table to table. People are laughing, businessmen have just gotten off work and are enjoying meals with their friends, others are greeting strangers who are walking through the door. It’s a wonderful place!

Pictured is a plate half-filled with Flemish beef stew with dried barberries on top and the other half filled with fries. A little bit of herbs are found to the side as well. Coca Cola is paired with the dish.
Brussels beef stew paired with a side dish of perfect fries.

Interested in what you can find on their menu? Check it out here.

Grand Place at night

The Grand Place is the central square of Brussels. It’s where the hustle and bustle happens, and it’s where you’re surrounded by historical buildings.

You’ll definitely want to check it out! The Grand Place is considered one of the most beautiful squares in Europe and is one of the most memorable landmarks in Brussels. You’ll want to stop by the Grand Place at night to see its full glory with all of the lights, witness the crowds walking around, and take a peak into the chocolate shops.

The crowds are out for the weekend!

Day 2

Breakfast at Maison Dandoy

You’re in Belgium, so what other way to start your day than with waffles!

Whether you choose a light Brussels waffle with crispy edges or a dense Liège waffle with its caramelized insides, you can’t go wrong with your decision. Throw on a few fruit toppings, drizzle on some chocolate, and add some freshly whipped cream to make it a breakfast for the books.

A Brussels waffle sprinkled with powdered sugar. Three toppings are to the side: whipped cream, cooked strawberries, and cooked cherries. A cup of cappuccino can be seen in the back with a biscuit.
First morning in Brussels, spent the perfect way: eating waffles! With toppings of freshly whipped cream, cooked strawberries, and cooked cherries.
A cappuccino pictured from top. With a biscoff-tasting cookie beside it.
Don’t forget to grab a delicious warm drink to enjoy while you wait for your waffle.

Maison Dandoy is right in the middle of all the fun! Since it’s a few minutes walk from the Grand Place, it makes it the prime location for breakfast!

Walk around Grand Place

After a filling meal, it’s time to burn off some calories! Step outside of Maison Dandoy to find the magnificence of the Grand Place yet again. You would have seen it the previous night, but it feels almost worlds of difference during the day. Peek into the stores that would have been closed the night before. If anything, it could be another excuse to go into the plethora of chocolate shops.

One of the many chocolate shops you’ll come across around Grand Place.

Be careful of the pickpockets! Watch your bags and be conscious of your surroundings. Even the locals will be quick to warn you about this.

Lunch at Nüetnigenough

Nüetnigenough is a great place for lunch if you’re looking for a restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that serves traditional Belgian cuisine.

The Vol-au-Vent with a side of Brussel sprouts! Belgian cuisine is just so cozy.

I recommend trying their Vol-au-Vent. It is a chicken cream stew with mushrooms and some veal meatballs.

Royal Palace of Brussels

Belgium still has an official Monarchy, and as such the King and Queen have a few palaces around the country. One of these palaces is located in Brussels.

To note: this palace is not used as a royal residence, because the king and his family live in a palace on the outskirts of Brussels.

Visit the Atomium

The Atomium is a landmark building in Brussels which was constructed in 1958 for the Brussels World Expo. Today, it is one of Belgium’s most popular tourist attractions.

Its 9 spheres form the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times.

One of the highlights of the Atomium is that you can visit the top sphere to see a panoramic view of Brussels. You can also visit some of the other spheres to see an exhibition regarding its history.

Ticket prices
Senior (>65): €13
Adult (18-65): €15
Teenager: €8
Child: €0
Student: €8
Person with disability: €8

If you’re up for it, I would recommend walking to the Atomium. It is around an hour and a half of walking from the Royal Palace of Brussels, but you get to see the city on foot and get a snippet of what life is like for the locals. You’ll come across many memorable moments that you’ll keep with you forever. One of mine was seeing an elderly gentleman in the park feeding 20-30 pigeons that had gathered around him.

Although the Atomium is further away from the city center, it’s still a must-see on your visit!

Brussels Design Museum

The Brussels Design Museum has a permanent exhibition that offers insight on plastic designs from the fifties to present day. Its temporary exhibitions show other forms of designs through other periods, expressions, materials, and themes.

Ticket prices (permanent + temporary exhibitions)
Adult: €10
Senior (>65): €8
6-17 y/o; students; teachers: €8
Child (<6): €0

Dinner at 9 & Voisins

9 & Voisins serves Belgian cuisine, so what a more fitting way to finish off your trip than to eat something authentic to Brussels.

Take a look at their Facebook page below and get a feel for what their restaurant is like by reading their reviews.

Have you been to Brussels? What places would you recommend for a weekend trip?

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