Why you should visit Warsaw during the Winter

When people heard that I was going to visit Poland at the end of January and into the beginning of February, many questioned that decision.

“Isn’t it too cold?”

“You’ll freeze.”

“Why would you do that to yourself?”

But I’m glad I went there during the time that I did – because winter in Poland has so much to offer each and every traveler during its cold months.

So why should you go?

Buildings in Poland decorated for Christmas

Finding the magic

Winter has a certain spirit of magic associated with it. The cascading dance of snow from the sky, the joyful atmosphere associated with the holidays, and the lights that are hung up everywhere, twinkling brightly as night descends. Every single thing adds to its magic.

So where do you find this magic?

Everywhere. Absolutely everywhere.

Christmas decorations in Poland.

As cheesy as it may sound, it’s the truth.

You can find the magic everywhere. You just need to open your eyes to the things that may have not caught your attention before. What are the little moments that make you awestruck? Are there foods that make you smile when you eat them? What kinds of sounds do you find peaceful?

Take everything in with all of your senses.

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.

Roald Dahl

Visiting the Old Town has a different feel to it

The Old Town of Warsaw during the winter months takes magic up to a whole other notch. The moment you walk into its picturesque streets, you will feel as though you’ve been taken by some invisible hand and plopped right into the middle of a Christmas movie.

The Old Town of Warsaw decorated with Christmas decorations and filled with holiday spirit
The magic of the holidays seeps into Warsaw’s Old Town
The Old Town of Warsaw filled with Christmas decorations
Christmas trees lined up, ready to be adopted into a household
Christmas trees lined up, ready to be adopted into a household
Store fronts inviting you in with their beautiful decorations
Store fronts inviting you in with their beautiful decorations

Snow sprinkled rooftops, skaters in the backdrop, a cozy fire to the side, and beautiful music (by the one and only Frank Sinatra) in the air.

It’s a place I could have stayed for hours.

Skating in the Old Town of Warsaw
A magical moment, one that I will keep with me forever.

Life is short, time is fast, no replay, no rewind, so enjoy every moment as it comes.


Lights are sprinkled throughout the city

Since the winter brings with it the holidays, decorations will be up and about. And what’s one of the most exciting parts of the decorations? The lights!

Blinking lights are scattered all around the city of Warsaw. Some simple and minimalistic, while others extravagant and ornate.

Lights put up in the Old Town of Warsaw
Simple lights scattered on the rooftops – some small and others a bit larger
As the sun sets, the lights come to life
As the sun sets, the lights come to life

Ferrero Rocher even decorated a road!

Street in Warsaw decorated by Ferrero Rocher
Street decorated by Ferrero Rocher
Street in Warsaw decorated by Ferrero Rocher
Street in Warsaw decorated by Ferrero Rocher

A great excuse to stop at all the coffee shops!

With the cold weather comes the exciting possibility of drinking hot drinks and enjoying each and every one of them.

It’s the best kind of feeling when you’ve been walking around for a few hours and come across a coffee shop. You sit beside the window, grab your warm cup of coffee, hot chocolate, tea (or all of the above) and watch as the snow falls and the people go on about their daily lives outside.

Breakfast at Etno Cafe: a cappuccino sprinkled with chocolate .
A cappuccino sprinkled with chocolate

Logistically and financially, it just might make more sense

It’s not surprising to find out that the winter months are not peak tourist season in any country, Poland included. Because of this very reason, hotels are much cheaper and flights are at a minimal price, making your wallet happy for choosing it as your destination.

Another thing that can add to your experience is the lack of tourists populating the streets. There will be less crowds and you will be able to experience life in Poland more than you would during peak tourist season.

Christmas trees put on display in front of a shop

Have you ever traveled during the winter months? Would you ever do it?

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