Story Time [Ep. 7] – “Beep” Red Light

After a 4 hour flight and some waiting and driving about, we’ve finally reached our hotel in Poland at midnight. And what better way to go wild than to go eat McDonalds at 1 am (my definition of “go wild” may vary from everyone else).

We drop everything off in our hotel room, make our way to McD’s, eat our cheeseburgers, fries, and chicken nuggets (#GodBless), and as tiredness creeps in, we make our way back to our hotel.

Ready to sleep, we swipe our access card in its slot to open our hotel room door.

“Beep” – red light.

The door doesn’t open.

Let’s try the other card?

“Beep” – red light.

We try again with both cards, but to no avail. The door won’t budge. And all our belongings are inside.

We head back down to the reception desk. The concierge is confused saying that the system says that we have access to our rooms on our card, but he provides us with two new ones, stating that these should work for sure this time around.

Up to our room we go. Sleep, here we come!

We swipe the first card.

“Beep” – red light.

The second card.

“Beep” – red light.

…. sorry, what?

My friend goes to get some help and in a matter of minutes the concierge is up to our room and using his master key to open the door.

“Beep” – red light.

Silence as we just stare at the door in confusion.

He tries again.

“Beep” – red light.

“Beep” – red light.

“Beeeeeeep” – red light.

“We’ll put you in another room”, he says to my friend.

“But all of our stuff is already in this room – how do we get it out?”


“I’ll be right back, let me get some help.” he states as he goes to get the big guns (aka. the person I assume is in charge of everything that evening).

Waiting in the hallway for our hotel room door to open
Waiting in the hallway for our hotel room door to be opened

In what feels like ten minutes he comes upstairs with his backup, the big guns and his “master of master keys”.

He puts the key in the slot of our door.



And we’re in! We grab all of our stuff, and we’re told that we’ll be upgraded to a business suite for the trouble we’ve been through. They state “it’s the best room we currently have available and we’ll give it to you”.

Not sure about the whole “best suite they had available” thing, but it was definitely a bit of an upgrade!

What a first night! And what great memories!

The following video captures the essence of the night. Enjoy 🙂

Do you have any funny hotel stories to share? Let me know about them in the comments below!