Why You Should Walk Around Barcelona’s City Center

I’m a big believer of the notion that walking around and exploring will always be more fulfilling than going on the Hop-on Hop-off bus tours to see specific locations to check off of a list. Sure, you may get to your destination faster (and if you’re low on time or have difficulty walking, this may be the best option for you), but you’ll miss out on the essence of the city.

In Barcelona, we spent two full days just walking the streets, exploring new areas, visiting some landmarks, and eating delicious foods. That in itself was not enough time to take in the essence of the city, but it gave us a brief glimpse into what life there was like.

So why should you walk around Barcelona’s city center?

1. You’ll stumble across hidden gems

Walk down that street with the beautiful trees, find fountains scattered at street intersections, appreciate the amazing architecture that gives life to the city, and come across statues whose heads are occupied by birds.

Yes, you read that right… statues whose heads are occupied by birds

Barcelona provides so many picturesque streets that you’ll find yourself wondering which street to walk down next. Pick a direction to go and take your time to find the hidden treasures that line its path, appreciating how lucky you are to be there.

View of a street in Barcelona

Still round the corner, there may wait a new road or a secret gate.


2. Find new delicious eats!

Keep your eyes peeled and your nose on high-alert (meaning, if you smell something good – go towards it!). No matter where you walk around in Barcelona, there will surely be something delicious waiting for you to devour at every corner…

Thinking about it in hindsight, that could be quite dangerous though… I don’t think you realize how many churros and pastries I wanted to eat just because I saw them in shop windows.

A churro with a white chocolate filling
A churro with a melted white chocolate filling. Bring on the diabetes?

You’ll find that there are also outdoor markets that you can stumble upon. The most exciting one is La Boqueria.

Located on the border of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, this amazing outdoor market is any foodie’s heaven. Choose between a variety of fruits, chocolates, meats, and other delicious treats (or eat them all = the best option).

A fruit stand at La Boqueria (Barcelona)

3. Find important landmarks

Go see Gaudí’s works, such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, and Casa Battló, because they’re scattered within the city center.

The beauty of everything being so close together is that you can see each landmark within walking distance. Even more amazing is how these landmarks blend within the city or make certain areas of Barcelona stand out.

Gaudi's Casa Batlo in Barcelona

I recall not even realizing that La Sagrada Familia was so close to me until I turned the corner and its magnificent spires loomed over my head.

A view of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
La Sagrada Familia from a distance

4. Envelop yourself with magical moments

Walking around Barcelona’s city center provides you with so many magical moments – you just need to take the time to experience them.  Whether that be walking through a park, sitting on a bench, or looking around, take in the moments and make beautiful memories.

Locks on a fence

Traveling is not just about checking items off a list or only taking photos and experiencing everything through a lens, so take time out of your travels to make some beautiful memories by trying something new or putting your camera aside for a moment to experience the moment.

There are magical moments in every day. We just have to take time to see them.


My most favourite moment was walking down a path in Park Güell and coming across the cutest birds bathing in a puddle. After filming for a minute, I put my camera aside – I had captured the moment with my lens, but now I wanted to capture it with my mind.

So why should you walk around Barcelona’s city center? Well let’s put it simply in the form of a table:

1. You’ll have the chance to      take in more of the city.                
2. You can eat more because you’re walking around more (soooo those two things cancel out right?)

3. You’ll be able to experience magical moments.

4. You’ll be able to find the hidden gems of the city and make memories that will last you a lifetime.

5. You’ll still get to see important landmarks and tourist locations.                                         
Your feet may get tired from all the walking, but let’s be honest that’s probably a pro because you’ll have toned and nice legs by the end of it all #bless

So do you prefer walking around when traveling? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below because I’d love to hear your perspective!