Barcelona’s Charming Gothic Quarter

About the Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, also known as the Barri Gòtic, dates back over 2,000 years to the Roman and Medieval times and provides you with an amazing opportunity to soak up the essence of Barcelona.

I can admit that we did not have a plan when we reached the quarter, and in a way, that was the best plan in itself. We lost ourselves in the centuries-old squares of the Barcelona’s Gothic quarter, where no matter which winding alleyway or backstreet we took, we would come across small artisan shops, restaurants, and churches. Sometimes, we would find ourselves swallowed up by a group of tourists, but minutes later, when we would take a side road, all of a sudden we’d be welcomed by a vista of balconies overhanging the narrow, cobble-stoned path leading us to an unknown destination.

Balconies in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona
A view of a side street in the Gothic Quarter

The Barcelona Cathedral

The Gothic Quarter is filled with many hidden treasures and some not-so-hidden ones, such as the Barcelona Cathedral.

The Barcelona Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter

This 13th-15th century cathedral is one of the most famous monuments in the Gothic Quarter, and can be attested to by the number of tourists that you will find waiting in front of it.

A crowd in front of the Barcelona Cathedral (Gothic Quarter)

The inside was quite similar to many other cathedrals. Although still stunning, there was nothing much different than any others I had seen. 

The inside of the Barcelona Cathedral

However, the best part was when we took a side exit at random and found ourselves at a medieval cloister and a pond of … ducks? swans? A hybrid of both?! (I don’t even know what they were but they were MAGICAL). Edit: they are geese. I probably should have known this

A medieval cloister in the Barcelona Cathedral
Geese at the Barcelona Cathedral
I could sit and watch these guys for hours! Just look at the little crowns on their heads!

Where can I find it?

Opening hours
8:00am – 12:45pm and 5:45pm-7:30pm (free)
Outside of these times: a donation required

La Boqueria

On the border of the Gothic Quarter, you’ll find La Boqueria, a large public market and one of the city’s tourist landmarks.

If we had known about how close the market was to the Gothic Quarter, chances are we would not have had lunch and just gone straight there to try the multitudes of foods being offered.

Fruit cups at La Boqueria
Fruit cups! Either eat the fruit whole or have a smoothie.

Ranging from meats, to fruits, chocolates, and everything in between, La Boqueria is a true haven for all foodies alike and a sensory overload with its mix of smells, colours, and noises.

Strawberries covered with chocolate drizzle at La Boqueria
Eggs being sold at La Boqueria (Gothic Quarter)
So many different kinds of eggs!
Halloween-themed chocolates being sold at La Boqueria
It made me happy coming across Halloween-themed goodies!

Where can I find it?

* * *

Have you ever been to the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona? What was your favourite part about it? Let me know in the comments below!