Story Time [Ep. 6] – Excuse you!

We were planning our mother-daughter trip to Spain and my mom would say over and over again “it says here on the internet that pick-pocketing is very common in Spain. We need to be very careful.”

“Right.” I would respond.

But the internet exaggerates.

There’s no way that theft could be that rampant in Spain.


—Fast-forward to being in Spain.–

We have been walking for the whole day. My Fitbit has now officially done its “fireworks display” to signify that I have passed my walking goal and we are beyond hungry and looking for a place to eat.

We walk down a crowded road and I feel a small tug on my backpack.

Barely noticeable, but a tug nonetheless.

And by some grace of God, my attention zeroes in on it and I turn around.

And there he is.

Homeboy over here has his hand on my bag’s zipper and has it opened 1/3rd of the way already to try to get my valuables.

I look at his hand, which pulls away when he notices my stare, and then grab my bag from him, look him dead in the eye, and the only words that come out are:


…who even says that…

And homeboy just casually walks away!

For the next little while, him and his pick-pocketing partner kept following us.

Was it because they wanted the valuables I had? Was it because they wanted the challenge of stealing from someone who was on to them?

Who knows, but yo was it ever sketch.

Here’s to hoping karma comes back at them in full circle.

But for now, I will wear my backpack in front on my stomach in Spain and look like a kangaroo.

*to note: People tried to pickpocket us three times!! Thankfully, we had either not put anything valuable in our bags, or we had hidden them well enough, so nothing was taken. But even when we were being careful, we were still targeted! So if you’re planning a trip to Spain, be cautious of your bags.