[Zichron Yaakov] A quaint and tranquil town

Zichron Yaakov (also spelled Zikhron Ya’akov) is located 35 kilometers south of Haifa, making it the perfect destination to go to from Haifa on a Friday morning before Shabbat starts and the buses stop running.

A little bit about the town

This town was founded in 1882 by Jewish pioneers from Romania and, over the years, it has grown into a quaint and beautiful place, attracting tourists year-round. 

Walking down a hidden road in Zichron Yaakov

A peaceful atmosphere

Something keeps pulling me back to this town. It might be the fact that it has an environment of peacefulness to it. It might very well be because of its quaint nature. Or perhaps it’s because it reminds me of home. Whatever is the case, it has a place in my heart.

A quiet morning in Zichron Yaakov. There are no cars driving in the street.
Quiet roads, quiet houses, quiet calm
Peeking through one of the many corners in Zichron Yaakov and finding small shops.

Explore and peek behind corners

Venturing into the town is something you should do if you decide to go. There is always something to see in whatever corner you poke your head around. It might be a quiet town, but it doesn’t lack on igniting your curiosity.

At some point, you’ll stumble across Zichron Yaakov’s quaint and cute main road. Although quite small, you won’t be able to miss it!

More corners to peek into while at Zichron Yaakov. There are more shops inside!


Zichron’s main road is known as Midrahov, and it is a road lined with cafes, artistic stores, and boutiques. 

A shot of the outside of a path leading to a restaurant in Zichron Yaakov.
A sushi restaurant with a sign that reads "All we need is love & Sushi".

One nice aspect of Midrahov is that the road has been pedestrianized, so there are no cars in its cobble-stoned streets and you’re able to walk in the middle of the road.

Another interesting aspect is that this street has been around since the town was founded, so many of the houses and buildings have great historic value. Because of this, you will notice that some buildings will have plaques outside of them that describe their historical significance.

Houses in Zichron Yaakov with plaques on the outside that depict their historical significance.
A statue of a man sitting on a bench outside of a house.

The most exciting thing about Midrahov is that if you go into its side-streets, you will always come across some amazing artist’s store or stumble upon a pop-up exhibit.

What was one of the most exciting things I stumbled across, you ask? A rubber duck pop-up store! And let me tell you, my excitement level reached a solid 1000/10. I mean, a rubber duck pop-up store?!?!? YES PLEASE! control yourself, be a calm and composed adult

A pop-up rubber duck store in Zichron Yaakov

So. many. rubber. ducks. !!!

A sign that reads "Hello we are a pop up" at a pop-up rubber duck store in Zichron Yaakov
A pop-up rubber duck store in Zichron Yaakov

If you want a break from the craziness of city life or just want a breather from a hard week at work, spending a few hours in Zichron Yaakov is the best remedy. The town offers unique stores to browse, quaint streets to walk about, and delicious food to eat!

A snapshot of breakfast in Zichron Yaakov. Coffee and pasteries!
Yellow umbrellas hung up on display in front of a store front.

What some a place you go to that reminds you of home? Let me know in the comments!

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