Story Time [Ep. 5] – Getting Antsy

It’s midnight and I’ve been asleep for nearly two hours already.

A bit uncomfortable, I shift my body on the bed so that I can sleep on my right side. My hand touches the bed cover and I feel crumbs all around.

“Huh”, I think to myself, “I should get rid of these crumbs” and I begin to brush them away. I do not eat on my bed, why would there be crumbs

I fall back into a light sleep.

A bit of time passes and I awake once again. I feel an itch close to my neck.

“Huh, it’s probably just a random itch” my sleep-deprived mind murmurs. no it is not

Again, sleep takes over my being, but I’m now awakened by even more itching. This time, followed by stinging pain.

Sleep begins to fade away as concern and anxiety begin to take over.

I reach for my bedside lamp, turning it on as quickly as I possibly can.

I look down and see that my upper body has started to develop red splotches, exactly where the pain was coming from.

And I look to the side, where the “crumbs” had been mere minutes ago.

There were ants.

Ants on ants on ants on ants.

On the wall.

On the bed.

On my pillow.

On me.

And it was exactly in that moment where my brain registered that I had been practically touching all of these ants in my sleep and they were, quite literally, crawling on me.

no no no no no no no no no no


I sprayed my room so much that night with insecticide that I think that I would have also probably died if I had stayed in that room.

Let’s just say that, although I slept on the living room couch that night, I could still feel the ants crawling on me.