This is Israel (Ep. 8 – March 2018)

The eighth installment of “This is Israel” is here!  A space where I share with you what I have experienced during my past month in Israel. In addition to my normal travel blogs, I want to use this space to give you a glimpse of what my life in Israel is really like.


Week 1

Saying Goodbye
After two beautiful weeks in Canada, spending time with my family and friends, it was time to come back to Israel.

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The journey was quite long (around 30ish hours), but the first leg of my flight was the best. I had a whole row to myself! And I was beyoooooond comfortable. If only this could have been the case on all three of my flights.


* * *

Week 2

The death sand has arrived
Khamsin, a hot sandy wind, decided to pop on by this week. I’m honestly not a fan (not sure whether many people are?), so whenever there is Khamsin I tend to stay inside (which gets quite boring) – granted, my eyes will still get irritated and feel quite heavy. Luckily, Khamsin doesn’t happen all that often, so that’s a plus!

The picture on the left is on a typical day, but the one to the right was when the Khamsin was around – you can’t even see the water!




Wandering the Wadi
I had the most exquisite time wandering around the Arab district of Haifa this week. After I had finished my work, I went down to the Wadi to see if I could find any delicious treats for that evening –  what I was not expecting was meeting the cutest old lady, a friendly baker, and a happy flower shop owner.

Upon entering the Wadi, I walked by an old lady and she gave me the cutest smile. She was selling cookies that she had made by hand herself, so before heading home I made sure to stop by and grab a few to see what they tasted like. She didn’t speak English and my Hebrew is nowhere good enough to be able to make a conversation, so I just pointed at the cookies to show that I wanted some. As she was wrapping up the cookies, she grabbed another and threw it in with the rest. She then looked me in the eye, pointed at herself, and then pointed at me (all while smiling of course), as if to say “this one is from me to you”. Well we know where I’ll be going to every time I wander upon the Wadi.2018-03-12-12-31-00-1.jpgThen, I went to a local baker to find another one of those triangular savoury baked goods that I spoke about in a previous “This Is Israel” (…I still don’t know what they’re actually called)…. and the baker was the kindest person! He even threw in some mini pita bread on the house.2018-03-12-12-31-45-1.jpgAnd finally, I came across a flower shop (which is beyond exciting because I love flowers, and the fact that it is close to my place makes it a 100000x better).Processed with VSCO with a6 presetIt was nice having a day where all of my interactions with people were beyond amazing. It gave me a glimpse of what life would be like if every single person was kind and sweet and held no prejudice against others. Here’s to hopping this is something that happens much more often!

* * *

Week 3

Bringing in the New Year
Naw-Ruz takes place on March 21st and marks the end of the 19-day Baha’i Fast and the beginning of the New Year. It is a day filled with celebration, joy, and, of course, lots of eating!

Because of spring being in the air, and having found a cute flower shop nearby in the past week, I went and got myself some flowers. I decided I needed to find something that was so bright and colourful that it would make me happy everytime I saw it. And so, I opted for this beauty:IMG_8177

Coffee shop love
I personally find it quite difficult to focus on work when I am at home. Why? Because my bed beckons me to take a nap. ALL. THE. TIME. I become lazy at home. Annnnnd I have no excuse for it.

So I realized that a way to remedy this was to go and work in a coffee shop – not only would I have a delicious drink, but I’d be able to stay on task with whatever I was working on.

Problem was: I had not found any nice coffee shops with the vibe that I wanted in Haifa. Either they weren’t that clean, they were too expensive, they were beyond busy, or their music was just way too loud. But then, I stumbled upon a dog-themed coffee shop.

Let me repeat that again.

dog-themed coffee shop. DOG-THEMED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAnd I have been going to this cute little coffee shop ever since.



* * *

Week 4

Adventures in Zikhron Ya’akov
I had gotten to the point where I had fallen into what felt like a continuous routine: go to work, finish work, come home aaand repeat. And it just felt very stifling, so I needed to change that.

Since no transportation runs on Shabbat (Friday afternoon to Saturday evening), I had to figure out where I could go for a few hours on Friday morning. Somewhere close enough that I could go, explore, and have enough time to catch a bus back before everything stopped.

And that’s when I found out about Zikhron Ya’akov! A small and quaint town around 30-40 minutes away from Haifa by bus. I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t really know where to go, but eyyy it would be an adventure!Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAnd boy was it ever! In the upcoming weeks I’ll write a blog post about it so that you can see this amazingly cute town! When I have the chance, I’ll definitely go back to visit it.


9 months down, 21 more to go!