Story Time [Ep. 3] – It’s raining cats and dogs

They tell me it’s raining outside, but that’s okay – I’ve got my umbrella so all should be well.

I step outside.

“Lovely”, I think to myself in a sarcastic tone, one eyebrow raised.

The saying “it’s raining cats and dogs” would fit perfectly for this situation.

No wait, I take that back.

It would make more sense to say that God had taken the ocean and had just decided to throw it on land – and I got caught in the middle of it.

The streets had turned into rivers, no doubt partly due to the lack of drainage systems in the city.

And because of my magnificent and exquisite intelligence (please note the sarcasm in my voice), I had utterly failed to wear anything that resembled a pair of boots. I was in my Vans. Sneakers. I may as well have been wearing socks.

“Lovely.” I think again.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry I begin my trek to the bus stop. I wouldn’t typically use the word “trek” for heading to the bus stop. Hell, it’s only 3 minutes away (so not far at all). But. when. it’s. raining. well that’s another story.

By the time I reach the bus stop, anything not within the confines of the radius of my umbrella had been soaked through-and-through. In other words, my waist down is wet. But surprisingly, my shoes have not been completely soaked and I think to myself that this truly must mean that there is a God out there.

I get on the bus and 20 minutes rolls by until I arrive at my stop.

5 minutes until the warmth of my heater.

5 minutes until I get to my dry haven.

I get off the bus.

And I realize that no matter how I plan to cross the road, my shoes will get wet. Beyond wet. The point of no return wet.


By this point I had given up trying to keep my clothes and shoes remotely dry. Because let’s be honest, there was no hope for them:

Shoes drenched in the rain

3 more minutes until warmth.

Counting down the minutes I wait at a red light. Waiting for it to turn green. Waiting.

And then a bus drives by.

A. bus. drives. by.

I repeat.





At full speed.

Soaking me





Not in pure rain water, oh no. In muddy, gross, probably dog-poop infested water.

See, here’s the thing: This is only supposed to happen in movies. Not in real life… right?



Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
I had to document the moment

It took 5 days for my shoes to fully dry.

Let’s just hope I remember to wear boots next time.

(as an aside: this day is actually one of my favourite memories of Haifa so far)