What’s Different? Israel vs. Canada (pt.2)

Traveling or living somewhere new is always an amazing opportunity to learn new things and engage in new experiences. And it’s almost impossible not to see differences between somewhere you previously lived and somewhere you are currently living. So I thought it might be interesting to see what differences have been apparent to me while living here in Israel.

*Please note that these observations are solely based on my seven months of living in Haifa. Continue reading “What’s Different? Israel vs. Canada (pt.2)”

Story Time (Ep. 3)

They tell me it’s raining outside, but that’s okay – I’ve got my umbrella so all should be well.

I step outside.

“Lovely”, I think to myself in a sarcastic tone, one eyebrow raised.

The saying “it’s raining cats and dogs” would fit perfectly for this situation.

No wait, I take that back.

It would make more sense to say that God had taken the ocean and had just decided to throw it on land – and I got caught in the middle of it. Continue reading “Story Time (Ep. 3)”

This is Israel (Ep. 4 – November 2017)

Two questions may be running through your head:


1. Why did you disappear?


     2. It’s the end of January so why are you just publishing November’s post now?


And those are two quite valid questions. Little did I know that life would be throwing a few hurdles my way – and that my internet would not work properly and that my laptop would have to be sent out to be repaired (which ensued in a few weeks of reading, drawing, and actually going outside wutttt). So, in the upcoming weeks, my plan is to post those “This is Israel” installments that I had missed to date: the November, December, and January installments. Hopefully life will be a bit smoother and I will be able to keep you all up-to-date! Sorry for the delay friends 🙂

So without further ado, here is the fourth installment of “This is Israel”!  A space where I share with you what I have experienced during my past month in Israel. In addition to my normal travel blogs, I want to use this space to give you a glimpse of what my life in Israel is really like.

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