Haifa’s Wadi Nisnas

Welcome to the Arab neighbourhood of Haifa: the Wadi Nisnas.

A place filled with life, vibrant people, and of course, amazing eats.

A look at some vegetable stalls in the Wadi Nisnas outdoor market.

Walk down to the Wadi to find the most delicious falafels, soul-warming baked goods, extravagant sweets, and an open air market containing the most amazing fruits and vegetables. Come breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there will always be some kind of food to satisfy your cravings.

Falafel time!

Let’s start off with the falafels.

Make sure to grab some to eat while exploring the open air market. The falafels are crispy on the outside, but soft on the inside, making them the most perfect bite to take.

Falafels being fried
A photo of falafel in a pita

Next: desserts!

Of course, every meal needs to be topped off with some kind of dessert.

Make sure to hunt the Wadi for some baklava, pastries, or anything that will help satiate your sweet tooth cravings!

Cookies with powdered sugar being sold at the Wadi Nisnas

If you’ve never tried baklava (or even if you have), you most definitely need to give it a try here in Israel. This dessert, which originated in the Middle East, is made of phyllo pastry and is filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey. Can it even get any better??

Many different kinds of baklava
An endless amount of baklava to choose from!
Many varieties of baklava being sold in the Wadi Nisnas

I guess we should be healthy too: grab some fruits and vegetables!

Make sure to grab some vegetables and fruits to bring back home! Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are fresh and delicious as well.

A variety of vegetables on display at the outdoor market in the Wadi Nisnas.
Enjoy the outdoor markets of the Wadi Nisnas.

Even if you don’t plan to purchase any produce, walk into the markets to experience their atmosphere.

You’ll notice the locals getting vegetables to prepare for their next meal, you’ll witness the shopkeepers trying to make a sale and being bargained with, you’ll enjoy the smell of the fresh fruits, and who knows, you might come across some fruits and vegetables you’ve never seen before.

Colourful peppers being put on display in a store at the Wadi Nisnas. There are yellow, orange, light green, dark green, and red ones.
A rainbow of peppers
Fresh mango, dates, and lychees, each in their own separate boxes. Being sold at the Wadi Nisnas.
Fresh mango, dates, and lychees!

And don’t forget to stop for some refreshing freshly squeezed juice or slushy to cool yourself off on a warm summer day.

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