The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa

Imagine the way a waterfall flows: as the water hits each level of earth, it cascades down, never stopping or ceasing, and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.  Now superimpose this image with a series of perfectly manicured gardens flowing down the side of a mountain, each slope containing a beautiful and unique layout. What you’re imagining now are the Bahá’í terraces found on the slopes of Mount Carmel. Continue reading “The Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa”

Off to the Market We Go!

The city of Akka (also commonly spelled as Akko or Acre) is located in the northern extremity of Israel, approximately 30km north of Haifa.

Because of its location on the border of the Mediterranean sea, Akka very naturally was able to become a harbor for Israel — helping it become one of the oldest cities of the world (continuously inhabited since the Middle Bronze Age around 4000 years ago!). Continue reading “Off to the Market We Go!”

Wadi Nisnas

Welcome to the Arab neighbourhood of Haifa: the Wadi Nisnas.

A place filled with life, vibrant people, and of course, amazing eats.

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Walk down to the Wadi to find the most delicious falafels, soul-warming baked goods, extravagant sweets, and an open air market containing the most amazing fruits and vegetables. Come breakfast, lunch, or dinner, there will always be some kind of food to satisfy your cravings. Continue reading “Wadi Nisnas”