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Welcome back to another episode of the blog segment Unfiltered: Unraveling Truths About Traveling. A segment where I ask bloggers, vloggers, and the like questions about traveling in order to share with you their perspectives and opinions.

For this week’s episode, let me introduce you all to the amazing:

Shannon Crane

Photography by Shannon Crane

Shannon is a twenty-something photographer from the interior of B.C, Canada. She has a passion for all things photography and travel related, which she strives to combine as much as possible. She’s still trying to figure out the thing called life, but along the way she hopes to turn it into one big adventure with her friends, family, and camera.

Thank you Shannon for being a part of this blog segment and taking the time to answer these questions!

1. What has been the most surreal place you have visited? What made it so magical?

Mount Fosthall in the Monashees of British Columbia.

It’s the type of place that you think you will only ever get to see in photographs because of how remote it is. Until you see it, it’s hard to believe that places like it actually exist.

This hike offers views of far off mountain ranges and Big Peters Lake (our basecamp) growing smaller and smaller as you go up. There are wild flowers blooming everywhere with patches of snow yet to melt. There are a multitude of waterfalls and streams flowing down the mountain to quench your thirst and wonder at their beauty. Coming across a juvenile grizzly bear as we hiked made it even more surreal (and I’ll be honest, terrifying!). Part of why this location is so magical for me is because it was so difficult to get to with a grueling hike that I had to really work hard at (especially when I was tempted to quit), but everything at the top made it worth it.

Mount Fosthall. Photographed by Shannon Crane.

2. Is there something you can’t travel without?

As someone passionate about photography I think I would feel lost without my camera. I find it so important to capture memories with photography so I can remember each detail of a place, moment, time clearly. Of course, it’s also important to know when to put the camera down and appreciate a place for what it is and finding that balance can be difficult, but when you do there are photos to remember it by and wonderful memories to recall.

Illal Meadows. Photographed by Shannon Crane.

3. What has been your most memorable meal on a trip?

Because I can’t pick one I will share three! These meals are all memorable mostly because they were just sooo delicious and made me appreciate traveling even more.

  1. A home cooked meal of bulgogi and japchae in Incheon, South Korea. This meal made realize how important it is to really envelop oneself in a culture and interact with locals (and try their food!).
  2. Pizza from Naples, Italy. I would visit Naples again just for that pizza. And probably some gelato for dessert.
  3. A waffle from a carnival in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This meal was memorable because first, it was delicious, and second, I had just had my first ride on a Ferris wheel which was terrifying, so of course I needed some comfort food!

4. Where is one destination you would like to visit but haven’t yet had the chance to go to?

I have a long bucket list of destinations I still need to get to, but one of the more obscure ones is Timgad, Algeria, a city consisting solely of ancient Roman ruins. Being an art history major is what first attracted me to this site, but I think being able to walk the same streets that ancient romans once walked would be so surreal. I’ve already been to Pompeii and Herculaneum but there is something about Timgad that keeps it at the top of my bucket list.

5. Is traveling safe? Should I go on a solo trip?

Depends where you go!

I think that it’s important to research each place you travel to and learn about the good, bad, places to avoid, what not to do, etc. This is especially true if it is a completely new destination that you are unsure about.

When I moved to Amsterdam on my own I heard so many horror stories from others beforehand about all the bad things that could happen to foreigners in Europe, but none of them proved true. A good tip, especially if you’ve never traveled on your own or are nervous about it, is to start small. Go somewhere locally by yourself and see how comfortable you are and then work your way up. Most importantly if you are traveling solo is to be aware of where you are. I think that there are so many benefits to traveling solo because you experience places in a completely different way than when traveling with friends or family. It’s rewarding in its own way and something that everyone should try doing at least once!

6. Where is one place that you have traveled to that you would love to travel to again?

The Oregon coast.

I’ve already traveled to Oregon on three separate occasions but each time there is always something new to offer. I want to explore it even more and discover all of its hidden nooks and crannies. The west coast is one of my favorite places to visit, perhaps because it is where I traveled to the most as a child with my family camping and hiking. It boasts such magical scenery with both immense forests and beautiful beaches. It’s been a good few years since I have been and I would love to go again soon to create some new special memories there.

San Josef Bay. Photographed by Shannon Crane.

7. Why did you start traveling? What made you fall in love with it?

I started traveling as a kid when my family would go on road trips together in the US and parts of BC. I think because of all the great times we had it made me want to travel and see more of the world. There was a moment when I realized that I felt happiest when I was traveling and away from home and that is when I knew it would be a lifelong love.

Thanks again to Shannon for taking part in this segment!

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