Lighthouse Park

Located in a residential area within the city of West Vancouver is a place where you can find yourself surrounded by trees of great density, enraptured in the beauty of nature, and stumbling across breathtaking views of the water. What better way to spend a few hours in Vancouver than being swept up by what the great outdoors has to offer.

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Built in 1912, the lighthouse at this park has gathered many tourists, locals, and has been a popular photography destination.

Although the park is known primarily for its lighthouse (hence the name Lighthouse Park), it has much more to offer than the lighthouse that sits on the water’s edge. Found within the forest of the park lies a variety of trails that allow you to experience what the nature of the west coast has to offer.

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As you embark on your walk through the trails, you will be taken through so many Douglas Firs and Western Red Cedars that you may begin to wonder whether you’ve stumbled into the land of Narnia. Was that sound in the trees ahead the wind? Or could it have been the great mighty lion Aslan?

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On the contrary, the silence present within these woods may resemble what you would imagine the forbidden forest, scattered on the outskirts of Hogwarts, to feel like.

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I think an interesting thing to note about the trails is that the moment you step within the woods, you can tell that the oxygen is much cleaner, and that the humidity level has risen quite abruptly. It’s a nice feeling, especially when your hair decides to frizz and puff due to the humidity in the air.

Once you’ve completed the trails in the forest, you will begin to get closer to the edge of the water, allowing you to get a clearer view of the lighthouse.

What I recommend doing is not only trying to see with your eyes, but experiencing your surroundings with your other senses as well. Close your eyes. What do you hear? What do you smell? The sounds of the waves splashing against the rocks, paired with the aroma of dense trees and salt water almost take you into another dimension you would not have thought existed.

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For anyone visiting Vancouver, this is a definite must-see. The view at Lighthouse Park is hauntingly beautiful and the atmosphere is so serene, making it such a stunning place.


Additional information

Where is it?

You can find Lighthouse Park at 4902 Beacon Ln, West Vancouver.