5 Places I Highly Recommend You Visit on Your Trip to Seoul

Recently, I went on a trip to Seoul, South Korea. During this trip, I had the privilege of experiencing a bit of Korean culture, exploring different areas of Seoul, and meeting new friends.

Seoul has so many great things to offer – some of which are shopping, eating delicious foods, learning about its history, and sightseeing. The longer you are in Seoul, the better – same as with any city, really. However, if you’re only here for a short amount of time, here are the 5 places that I most highly recommend when you visit Seoul.

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

If you like the history behind palaces and want to visit as many as possible on your trip to Seoul, by all means, go for it! However, if you have a limited amount of time to explore Seoul, I would highly suggest at least going to Gyeongbokgung Palace. Why? Because not only is it big and beautiful with a serene atmosphere, but because it is also close to other tourist sites that you could walk to.

Entrance of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

It still amazes me that such a place resides in the middle of a bustling city. How beautiful it is that history and modernity can coexist together in such a harmonious manner.

2. Namdaemun Market

Going to Namdaemun Market is a must!

Why? Because even if you are not the biggest fan of shopping, Namdaemun Market will be right up your alley.

Namdaemun market on a busy day

Go to Namdaemun to experience the atmosphere of an outdoor market and to also indulge in different kinds of street foods. Personally, Hotteok was my all-time favourite. Pretty sure I could live off of that sugary-heavenly-yumminess for the rest of my life.

Hotteok from Namdaemun market
Hotteok from Namdaemun market

3. Myeongdong

Got some shopping you want to get done while in Seoul? Well then head down to Myeongdong!

A busy street in Myeongdong

A place where G-Dragon’s face has been plastered up, down, and all around. 

Want some coffee? GD’s got you covered.

Want to go buy some clothes? Well GD is advertising for those too.

Want to buy dumplings? Well GD’s probably plastered on some dumpling restaurant’s window telling you that it’s the best place to eat

(don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind seeing GD’s face everywhere because helllllo praise the lord for that beautiful man).

I would suggest you go later during the day as well, since food trucks and street food start to come out a little after dinner time.

4. Namsan Tower

Have you ever watched a Korean drama?

Have you ever seen that tall tower in the background of any of the shots?

Well, that’s Namsan Tower!

Seoul during the day with Namsan tower looming in the background

Namsan sits 237m atop of Namsan mountain and gives you one of the best (if not the best) views of Seoul!

A view of Seoul from Namsan tower

I also suggest walking up the mountain instead of taking a bus.

Why? Because:

  • A) It’ll give you one hell of a workout (and you need that workout so that you can stuff your face with more food get healthier), and
  • B) It’s actually so much fun!

5. Gwangjang market

This Korean market offers a variety of things ranging from dried goods and foods to trinkets and silks. I personally wish that I had had a longer time to visit this market to explore its different parts. And also perhaps had a bigger stomach to be able to eat more of its delicious food.

Just a quick side note: if you are craving Bibimbap, then definitely go to Gwangjang market!

A bibimbap stand at Gwangjang Market

Have you been to any of these places? Which other would you add to this list?