Discovering Yongsan

A lot of people just like to stick to the main attractions of a city when they go traveling. For example, if they go to France, they just stick to going to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

I, on the other hand, love to explore the portions of cities that have been untouched by tourists. That little coffee shop that no one knows about? I’ll find it. That street that is hidden from the main road? I’ll walk it. That little pond with the beautiful view and peaceful atmosphere? I’ll sit by it and reflect.

Yes, of course I will go visit the main attractions of the city I’m visiting; however, I always like to experience what those native to the city experience and enjoy in their everyday life.

And that, is what I found Yongsan to be like. It was that part of Seoul that remained mostly untouched by tourists.

The way I can best describe the part of Yongsan that I explored is that it is a “village” within a bigger city. You are surrounded by smaller houses, with the backdrop being of Seoul’s bigger high-rises.

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One morning, I found myself wandering through its streets. It was a quiet day and only the sound of the birds could be heard.

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To be completely honest, I didn’t really have a destination in mind. I just wanted to explore and see what I could discover.

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I came across coffee shops, murals, grocery stores, and even an old lady who hardcore judged me (because I was a foreigner?).

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And what made the view even better was that I could spot Namsan Tower in the distance!

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So, the next time you go traveling, in addition to visiting the main attractions, consider exploring areas of the city that are not covered with tourists. I can assure you that you will love it!





28 thoughts on “Discovering Yongsan

      1. I recently explored Cambria (in California) which although is visited by some tourists, its still largely untouched! You get such a feel of a traditional small town life along the west coast! I loved heading out along the beach until there was no-one in sight – check out my post on the wonderful little town 🙂

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      1. Yes, indeed. I lived in Taiwan for almost a year once in the past, and found a lot of really different food offerings than what you’d get as a tourist. I remember finding this really great Buddhist vegetarian take out joint. The food was wonderful! The best vegetarian food I ever ate, and so beautifully presented. It was a joint where you piled your container high and paid by weight.

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          1. Oh yes! I do miss the food in Taiwan. And I even mostly just ate the cheapest food there was. I didn’t have that much money to go to more expensive restaurants. I think many people who’ve been to Taiwan agree that the food is pretty good there. I rarely cooked. I mostly always ate at the take-out joints or in at the night markets. Foods in those places were overall healthier than fast food in the U.S. I lost good weight from eating in Taiwan, although I also did a lot more exercise.

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          2. Hi WanderingTravelr. In Asia, I have only visited Taiwan (for about a year), Hong Kong, Thailand, and mainland China. I enjoyed all of these countries. I’d love to go back and see other countries in Asia, as well.

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          3. Well, someday I’d like to take my husband to China, but my next major destination will hopefully be northern Portugal. My husband and I visited central and southern Portugal in the past and loved it so much.

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  1. I love to discover out of the way cool and interesting attractions when travelling. I’ve never been one for being a tourist, I’d much rather get to know the city and the people and the culture.
    This place looks amazing! I would say I would love to go there one day, but I say that about everywhere haha. I just love travelling!!

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  2. I’d take this as inspiring 🙂 I do this a lot too. One candid thing you’d really gain here is spontaneity, the thrill when you score a good spot no one else did. And yup, the raw and genuine face of a place and the people within it.

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