Hello to a 100 faces!

Wow wow wow!

Our blogging family is one hundred souls big now as of the past few days! That’s a little over 3 high school class sizes! (Whaaaat? Too unreal!)

I wanted to begin by thanking all of you for your continued support in reading my blogs, commenting on them, liking them, and sharing them.

Whether you’ve been here since day one, or just recently began following my blog, thank you!

I look forward to sharing with you my traveling adventures and stories. I am happy that you will all be with me as I start my new journey in July when I move to Israel. With all of you here, it won’t feel as though I’ll be all alone 🙂

I also look forward to hearing about your adventures! If you have any that you would like to share with me, please comment the url of your blog down below so I can check them out.