You had me sold at “Ugly, but tasty riceballs”

One thing I love about going to a country where English isn’t the first language is seeing the different things written in English that either

  • A) don’t make any sense
  • B) make sense, but probably should be written in a different way

Although I saw quite a lot of this in Korea (and it made my days exploring so much more enjoyable), I only ended up documenting four instances of it – so here they are! I hope you’ll have a good chuckle just as I did when coming across them.

1. Fast food? oh, no! It’s slow and fast

This first one I came across while meandering through Myeongdong.

“Fastfood? oh, no! KONO is Slow AND Fast”
What does this even meeeean? That the fast food is slow… but fast? Do they make it slow, but you eat it fast? Do they make it fast, but you eat it slow? What are you trying to tell me KONO Pizza?!

Also, interesting concept for a pizza. Though not sure if I could eat it without making a giant mess.

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2. Cans, bottles, and pets!

The next one I found on a recycling bin at a 7/11:

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Cans, bottles, pets… wait… hold up… PETS??? PETS?!!

“Just casually going to go recycle my water bottle, but while I’m at it, I guess I can throw my dog in there too.”

FYI: I’m well aware that Koreans don’t actually throw their pets in the recycling – but I’m genuinely curious whether “pet” in Korean translates to something else in English? Because if you read out the Korean word that’s written at the end of that sign it is practically pronounced as “Pet.”

3. When the food is ugly, but you don’t want to completely ruin its self-esteem

Next up is probably one of my most favourite ones:

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“Ugly but tasty riceballs”
I’m sold! At least the restaurant’s being honest with us, I guess?
Sort of regretting now that I didn’t eat them to see whether they actually were tasty.

4. Angry coffee

And finally, the name of a coffee shop:

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“Shut up & Take Coffee”… beautiful, just beautiful hahaha – I think they need a chain in Canada that can compete with Starbucks and Tim Hortons.

I hope you guys enjoyed these as much as I did!

Have you ever come across any funny English while traveling?

Until next time!