Discovering Yongsan

A lot of people just like to stick to the main attractions of a city when they go traveling. For example, if they go to France, they just stick to going to the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

I, on the other hand, love to explore the portions of cities that have been untouched by tourists. That little coffee shop that no one knows about? I’ll find it. That street that is hidden from the main road? I’ll walk it. That little pond with the beautiful view and peaceful atmosphere? I’ll sit by it and reflect.

Yes, of course I will go visit the main attractions of the city I’m visiting; however, I always like to experience what those native to the city experience and enjoy in their everyday life.

And that, is what I found Yongsan to be like. It was that part of Seoul that remained mostly untouched by tourists. Continue reading “Discovering Yongsan”

Hello to a 100 faces!

Wow wow wow!

Our blogging family is one hundred souls big now as of the past few days! That’s a little over 3 high school class sizes! (Whaaaat? Too unreal!)

I wanted to begin by thanking all of you for your continued support in reading my blogs, commenting on them, liking them, and sharing them.

Whether you’ve been here since day one, or just recently began following my blog, thank you!

I look forward to sharing with you my traveling adventures and stories. I am happy that you will all be with me as I start my new journey in July when I move to Israel. With all of you here, it won’t feel as though I’ll be all alone 🙂

I also look forward to hearing about your adventures! If you have any that you would like to share with me, please comment the url of your blog down below so I can check them out.



You had me sold at “Ugly, but tasty riceballs”

One thing I love about going to a country where English isn’t the first language is seeing the different things written in English that either A) don’t make any sense or B) make sense, but probably should be written in a different way.

Although I saw quite a lot of this in Korea (and it made my days exploring so much more enjoyable), I only ended up documenting four instances of it – so here they are! I hope you’ll have a good chuckle just as I did when coming across them. Continue reading “You had me sold at “Ugly, but tasty riceballs””

Bibimbap heaven

I recall watching a Youtube video by SweetandtastyTV when I first heard about Gwangjang Market (광장시장) and I remember thinking to myself: “FOOOOOD?! Let’s go!”

And so, it was without a doubt in my mind, that when I came to Seoul I had to wander down to Gwangjang Market. I was so excited to see the different kinds of food that were being offered and also excited to immerse myself in the hustle-and-bustle atmosphere of a Korean market. Continue reading “Bibimbap heaven”

Happy food journey (Seoul Edition)

Although I had 10 days in Seoul to eat as many types of food as I possibly could, I wasn’t able to eat everything that I had hoped to try. Let’s be honest, if I had eaten all of the foods that I had wanted to, I may have ended up in a coma at the hospital. I missed out on foods like Naengmyeon, Pajeon, and so much more! But I guess that now gives me an excuse to go back? Right? Right?!

However, I did get to try out some fantastic things! And, since I took pictures of so many (but definitely not all) of the things I ate, I thought I’d share those with you! Continue reading “Happy food journey (Seoul Edition)”