The Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo (1836) was a very important event in the Texas Revolution where Mexican troops, led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, launched an attack on the Alamo, killing all of the Texan defenders.

To many Texans, this battle became a symbol of their struggle for independence and their resistance to oppression.

If you are interested in visiting this historic site when you’re in San Antonio, you most definitely should. There is no entrance fee, and you can go into the Alamo, walk around it, and view presentations made by individuals. However, if you want your own private tour from a tour guide, a fee is required. A museum can also be found in the vicinity.
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On my visit to the Alamo, I had the chance of sitting in on a presentation that described what the men of the Alamo would pack for three months. See that bag in the picture below? That’s all they needed! (and here I am packing a huge suitcase for a 5 day trip)
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In their bags, you would find things such as a sewing kit (to repair the only clothes they brought with them), an extra pair of socks, fishing hooks, a metal bar to make bullets, a waterproof blanket which they could use either as a tent or a sleeping bag, a pack of cards, a tin box with a candle and writing utensils, etc.
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An interesting fact for you: Coins used to be made out of silver and there was only one kind of coin. If you had to give someone back half the worth of the coin, you would just break the coin in half and give them a piece. If you had to pay them back one quarter, you would break your coin into four quarters and give them one piece.
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The soldiers would also bring with them a metal bar so that they could break it, melt it, and make bullets for their guns. This was because if they had pre-made bullets, it was more of an inconvenience to have all of them in their pockets. Carrying a metal bar was much easier.

They used the spoon-like object pictured below to melt their metal and pour it into a mold:
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Not only did we learn about what soldiers would carry with them, but we also learned about the origin of certain words and sayings. For example, when soldiers got lice and had to clean their clothes, they would throw their clothes on an ant hill. Why? Because the ants would eat all of the lice. After the lice were eaten, the men would shake their pants out and put them back on. However, as most of you might guess, all of the ants would not have been shaken out properly. This is where the term “ants in your pants” comes from!

Such an interesting presentation and I’m glad I had the chance to attend! If you’re ever at the Alamo, I would highly recommend it.






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