The Alamo

The Battle of the Alamo (1836) was a very important event in the Texas Revolution where Mexican troops, led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, launched an attack on the Alamo, killing all of the Texan defenders.

To many Texans, this battle became a symbol of their struggle for independence and their resistance to oppression.

If you are interested in visiting this historic site when you’re in San Antonio, you most definitely should. There is no entrance fee, and you can go into the Alamo, walk around it, and view presentations made by individuals. However, if you want your own private tour from a tour guide, a fee is required. A museum can also be found in the vicinity. Continue reading “The Alamo”

San Antonio River Walk

After finally reaching my hotel and registering for my conference, I had some time to wander about before attending the First Time Attendees Welcome Reception. So, I decided to walk around the convention center to see if I could discover anything exciting.

As I was exploring, I found myself one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, where the River Walk is found. Continue reading “San Antonio River Walk”

Hotel Hopping

Waking up to the wonderful news that your suitcase has been found and brought to your hotel is a very lovely feeling. Not only can you finally remove your makeup from the night before, but you can actually change into something new. Also, you can be relieved that for the next few days you actually have something to wear.

With  the relief that my suitcase had been brought to my hotel, came the ravenous hunger within my stomach.

“FOOD FOOD FOOD!” it shouted.

And so, listening to it as if it was my master, I made my way off to get my complimentary breakfast at the Pear Tree Inn. Continue reading “Hotel Hopping”