24 Facts About Me

Over the past few months, more people have started to read my blog. And I’ve realized something. You guys don’t really know much about me, do you? (For all you know, I may be a serial killer with a blog! *gasp*)

So here are 24 facts about me! Let me know in the comments if you can relate to any of them!

1. I used to make YouTube videos because of my love for editing – once I begin to go on more adventures, I may start that up again.

2. One of my goals in life is to travel around the world and immerse myself in as many cultures as possible.

3. I speak Farsi, English, and French – and I would love to learn many more languages throughout my life (next on the list: Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Russian).

4. I am an only child.

5. I hate confrontations – even if I know I have a reason to be mad at someone or that I am right about something, I will always say “I’m sorry” just to not have to face a confrontation. (I should probably work on that…)

6. I love to sing, but I’m not all that great at it (I’m 99% sure I could break windows with my voice). So, the only time you will catch me singing is when I’m alone. The only time you will catch me dancing is also when I’m alone.

7. I have a love-hate relationship with horror movies. I love the suspense, but will probably have nightmares for a week (or three). I tend to stay away from horror movies because of this.

8. I am punctual – I would rather be twenty minutes early than 2 minutes late.

9. I wish I had gone into acting, but went into academia instead. I love what I’m doing now, but a part of my soul keeps wanting to act.

10. Whenever I watch movies, I make a mental list of actors that I would love to meet because of their amazing talent and their ability to convey emotions through their characters. This list currently consists of: Jensen Ackles, Lee Joon Ki, and James Spader.

11. I would love to spend one day on a set of a TV show or movie to learn about everything that goes on behind the scenes.

12. I love food. LOVE.


13. Although I love food, I’m not the biggest fan of seafood.

14. I love to do work in small coffee shops.

15. I’m left handed.

16. I believe that every person you meet will add something to your life. Everyone in the world has had different experiences and by listening to others, you will learn so much.

17. I’ve been swept up in Korean music for the longest time. Some of my favourite groups/singers: Big Bang, Royal Pirates, Eric Nam.

18. Not to mention kdramas…. although I haven’t watched any for a while, I’ll have moments during the year where I marathon a whole series (or ten…)

19. I am a Baha’i.

20. I’d rather marathon a whole season of a TV show than watch one episode per week. (Side note: I marathoned 9 seasons of Supernatural in a little over a week – I get dedicated….)


21. Favourite TV show: Supernatural.

22. I try my best to always stay positive. It gets to the point where some of my friends get tired of me being happy all the time.

23. I can’t handle people who treat me with little respect. The moment someone treats me like a piece of dirt, I lose so much respect for them. Granted, I won’t be disrespectful or rude to them even if they treat me with disregard. Why change my morals just because someone is treating me with disrespect?

24. I have this obsession with buying cute or modern household items. Especially bowls and cups. IKEA is my heaven.