Orchestra fail

For the longest time, I’ve had “attend an orchestra/symphony” on my bucket list, so when an individual advertised a “Concert/Orchestra” that would happen during my trip to Prague, I got very excited!

So my mom and I bought tickets for that evening.

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So we walked to the venue and saw that it was a church. How would an entire orchestra fit into this church? Huh..

But as we got closer to the church, that question was answered:

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Hooooold up, so we were told ‘orchestra’, but I’m pretty sure one organ and one trumpet does not make up an orchestra?

But you know what, it’ll still be great to enjoy the music and watch someone play the organ and another on the trumpet. Right?

So we walked into the church and took our seats.

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But there was nothing in front of us? Hell, there wasn’t any room for an organ, nor was there an organ in sight.

And then the “concert” began…. from the very back of the room on the top floor. The organ and the trumpet were out of sight!


So, you’re telling me I paid money in order to listen to music just like I would if I were to buy a CD???