Hotel Review: BI&BI Panzio

For anyone looking to go to Budapest, I would highly recommend staying at BI&BI Panzio. Personally, I enjoyed my stay very much and I hope you will too!


Although I didn’t know what to think of it after seeing the entrance – once I actually entered the hotel and my room, I enjoyed it very much.

Kindness: 9.3/10
Some of the kindest staff out there! We definitely asked a billion (maybe a slight exaggeration) questions and they replied to each one of them. They made sure to help us with directions, were always there if we needed something, and were downright great individuals.

Cleanliness: 7/10
I was very comfortable with the cleanliness of this hotel. They cleaned the rooms everyday.

Space: 6.5/10
The room size was good in my opinion (however, note that we [2 people] were given a 3 person room – so I would assume that a 2 person room may be smaller), but I wish that the bathroom was a bit bigger – there wasn’t much space in it.

The beds have wrinkles in them because I took this picture in the morning after we had already slept in them



Closet space:
Additional space:

Proximity to attractions: 8/10
If you take the bus, I think it would literally be minutes to the majority of areas that you would like to explore.
We ended up walking everywhere (because let’s be real, if we ate all those croissants and didn’t walk, we would look like beach balls by the end of our trip) and I found that everything was in walking distance (10-50ish minutes).

Breakfast: 7.5/10
Comparing it to some other hotels, the breakfast options were a bit less BUT it was definitely enough! You could eat eggs, baked goods, yogurt, cheese, sliced meat, olives, etc. It was a simple, yet delicious, breakfast. (sorry for not taking any pictures of it! I was too busy devouring all of my food to remember about taking a photo… woooops)

Also +10 points to this place because they had snacks out throughout the day! Snacks ranged from assorted baked goods to different kinds of fruit. They also had juice and tea ready at all times during the day for you to enjoy.

An example of one of the snacks they put out for the guests – SO GOOD I CAN’T EVEN


I think this was peach tea

Proximity to transportation: 9/10
Literally a 5 (maybe less?) walk to busses and the metro!


In summary:
This hotel was a great place and I would definitely come back if I were to visit Budapest again. Although the hotel did not have an atmosphere like that of something like The Marriot, or the Hilton (obviously.. because it wasn’t as expensive), I loved it so much because it had a more ‘homey’ feel to it. The staff was spectacular and the snacks were delicious!

I suggest that if you want to book this hotel, to book it off of Trivago because you will find great deals for the rooms.

Recommendations for the hotel:
Perhaps changing the entrance/hallway and taking out the carpet – I think it would change the atmosphere of the hotel and make it look cleaner (note: the inside of the hotel is clean, it’s just the entrance that might give the appearance that it is not)


*If you have any questions about this hotel, please feel free to ask in the comments! 🙂