3, 2, 1… Off to Budapest, the Paris of the East

My mom and I got up quite early to take a bus from Bratislava to Budapest (~2 hours and 41 minutes between these two cities by train).

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Bratislava train station – platform 1

Oh how I wish trains were everywhere in Canada! Instead of taking Greyhound busses everywhere, I would much rather spend however many hours on a train!


For anyone debating whether to choose taking a train versus a bus when in Europe – I would hands down propose you take the train. You’ll be able to relax more, enjoy the scenery, and fall asleep for more than half the ride (*cough* not that I did that… *cough*)


Once we arrived to Budapest and found our hotel (BI & BI Panzio; review for this hotel coming soon), my mom and I took a short break and then headed off to go sight seeing.

Buuuuut since we didn’t know our surroundings, we didn’t manage to find the sights we were looking for… *SOBS*

However, the next day we discovered that we were only one or two streets away from where we actually wanted to be. Loooovely.

BUT, on the bright side, now we knew where we had to go to explore the beautiful city of Budapest!

Over the next few blogs, I will be sharing my adventures in Budapest with you all!