A long flight




So here’s a breakdown of the day:

2:00pm – Drive to airport for flight that starts boarding at 4:35ish

5:00pm – woman over the intercom: “Sorry, your flight is delayed until 6pm” kcoolthx

This bear was in the Calgary airport… so of course I had to take a picture with it

6:45pm – catch flight to Calgary

10:00pm(ish) – catch flight from Calgary to London

Fly for ~8 hours
BUT GET THIS – My mom and I ended up getting the seats that people with babies usually get in jumbo jets (the seats that have SO much leg space) –  YAS


We took British Airways, and I have to say – I really loved flying with them! Their dinner was especially fantastic! (I had pasta with mushrooms and tomato sauce, salad, bread and butter, and a chocolate cake)

1:50pm (UK time) – arrived in London and swooned over English accents. Honestly though, UK English sounds like poetry to me – not just because of the accent (20/10 would like to have), but because of some words that are different from the Canadian English vocabulary.

Since we had to wait a couple hours before our next flight and because I felt like I had been run over by a bus (aka. so tired I could fall asleep while standing), I lay down on some chairs and took a little nap. Yes, I was that person. There’s always that person in an airport.

7:30pm(ish) – left for Vienna

10:30pm (Vienna time – 1 hour ahead of UK time) – arrived in Vienna

Snapped this picture while waiting for our bus

Then, we took a bus to Bratislava where my mother’s friend picked us up.


At the moment it is 12:20pm here and in about 30 minutes I will be heading out to explore Bratislava and start my adventures. Can’t wait!