Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch

Finally completed my fourth year at university! And today was my first day of official ‘freedom’. Although I still need to complete some research and apply for some jobs before I leave for vacation, I have no real/big deadlines looming over my shoulder and it feels great!

So to treat myself, I went and got a manicure – I had gotten a coupon for one as a present from my parents. First time getting one done and it was really nice!


Afterwards, I went for a delicious brunch with one of my bestest friends at Cora’s! (*hi Jessica if you’re reading this!*)


I ordered “Rosemary’s Sunday” — in all honesty, I forgot what it was called.. I had to check Cora’s website (I was about to write “Margaret’s Sunday”… not too sure where I got “Margaret” from).

Side note: If any of you are interested in what Cora offers –>


All in all, it was a lovely day and I’m so glad I got to spend it with a great friend!


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