I’m still alive, I SWEAR

For those of you who read my blog, or for those of you who are just curious as to why I have been on a small hiatus – no, it is not because I have been kidnapped, put into a ship, and sent to the Arctic. It’s been because of something much much worse not as bad: University.

My professors have seemed to find it their sole purpose in life to give us students as many assignments and midterms as humanly possible.

Like brah – a midterm means 1 exam at the middle of the term. How on God’s green earth can you have 2 or 3 midterms! There’s only one middle of the term!

*pulls hair out*

At the moment, I just completed one research paper for my sociology class (Deviance and Social Control), and am working on two others. Although it is a lot of work, I have to admit that what I’m researching is very fascinating to me. The first paper is a literature review on corporate psychopaths. The second paper is one that I’ve been working on since many moons ago. I have been doing my own research for this one and gathering data for it – it revolves around the subject matter of sexual assault (more specifically, rape). *fingers crossed* I am hoping to have this paper published in a journal eventually. If it does get published I will make sure to link it on my blog for anyone who may be interested in reading it!

Anywhooo – I will be back to writing an abundant number of blogs by May. I will be going on an amazing adventure to Europe so keep your eyes peeled for those adventures!!

Talk to you all soon!

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