Put it down

If someone asked me if I had two hands – I would probably have to say no. Why? Because one is literally always glued to my phone, so not quite sure if it can be considered as a hand anymore. A cell phone appendage…maybe?

This past little while I have been trying to make a conscious effort to stay off my phone. To me, it seems like the more and more I am on my phone, the more and more I am losing contact with reality. My cell phone acts like a black hole. One moment I am on Facebook, and the next I have watched 8 YouTube videos, stalked 10 celebrities on Instagram, and re-blogged 23 Supernatural posts on Tumblr. It’s madness I tell you!

All those times I spent on my phone, I could have been doing something more productive. I could have been studying, I could have been enjoying time with my friends, I could have made plans to take over the world figure out my life.

Not only does my phone royally waste my time – but it becomes an arena where I judge and compare myself to others. Because of apps such as Instagram or Facebook, I tend to compare my life to other people’s – which I should not be doing. My life is my life and I should be making the best out of it. “Oh look they always go on such great vacations” “Oh look they got another award” “Wow, look, they got into med school, and what am I doing?” “Why can’t I look as beautiful as them?” “Why Why Why”.

These thoughts destroy dreams and crumble hopes – they should not be let in. The moment they are let in is the moment you start doing things to look good in the eyes of others instead of doing things for yourself. Why am I comparing my life to the way others live theirs? What I need to focus on is what makes me happy and follow that – not look at what makes others happy and follow in their footsteps.

This post isn’t meant to hate on cell phones – on the contrary, I think cell phones are great! But I know that, at least for myself, I need to limit my cell phone use and live more in reality than in the virtual world.

I would love to know everyone else’s takes on cell phones – what are your thoughts on this matter?




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