So close to rolling down our sexy windows

*let’s go back a few months*


This summer, something interesting happened to me.

I was on my way to Granville Island (Vancouver) with my aunt and, like the tourist that I am, was vlogging and taking pictures of the whole thing (my poor poor aunt having to deal with that – what a sweet soul).

Out of nowhere, as I’m taking pictures, I see this brightly designed KIA and I think to myself “well golly gee that looks so familiar”.

Where on God’s green earth had I seen this KIA before??



and then


it hit me.


EYK Mobile

For those of you who are not familiar with Eat Your Kimchi, they are a married couple (Simon and Martina) who make videos on YouTube about South Korea and other miscellaneous things (e.g., their recent trip to Taiwan where they ate all the food the country had to offer, resulting in a famine of the inhabitants – check it ouuuuut)

Who would have thought – seeing them (and by seeing them – I mean, briefly driving by them and attempting to wave hi) on the other side of the world.


2 thoughts on “So close to rolling down our sexy windows

  1. I see this post is old, but I just found it. I know who they are! I was in Korea at the same time as them, and now I’m in Japan and so are they. What was their car doing in Vancouver though, and why does it have a BC license plate?

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