Recently, I have had some reflections of my own and realized that I am missing something important from my life. University has literally taken over my life and it is what truly defines me. But should it be? Should I not be defined by more than university?

Throughout these past few years of my bachelor’s degree I have given up on many of my dreams and hobbies to pursue only one thing. I tell myself “I don’t have time” “I need to study” and I ignore the things that made me happy. I’m not saying that pursuing a dream is bad, not at all, hell I’m pretty happy that I’ve gotten this far with what I’m doing. However, that feeling of losing the different parts of you because you are only focusing on one thing sort of sucks.

My love for acting, my love for sketching, my love for making videos, my love for exploring and trying new things – all of these were taken away. Not by anyone else’s hands, but by my own. I neglected them and crippled myself in a sense.

So starting today… wait no, …. let’s rephrase that: Starting once my finals are finished I’m going to rediscover what I have lost and I’m going to live my life fully all the while finishing my degree.



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