Dear Graduate Student

Today I wanted to say so much to someone, but sometimes it is best to not say a word and suck it up. Instead, I am going to write it in letter form here – I’m sorry that this is not an interesting post, I just wanted to let my feelings out and move on with my day. Thank you!


Dear Graduate Student,

Please do not make me feel unworthy. Please do not look at me like I am a nuisance. And please, do not treat me like I am not worth your time.

I understand that you have a higher position than me in terms of our education – and I would not doubt that you have much more experience than me in matters such as life and university among many others.

However, I would greatly appreciate you treating me as a human being worthy of some respect. I am treading the same path you walked upon just a few years ago. Although you are in disbelief that I am asking such simple (and therefore annoying) questions, I would like to remind you that you were once in my shoes and asking such ‘simple’ questions.

If I don’t ask questions, how will I learn? If I don’t learn, how will I grow as a person?

Please let me learn even if that means I have to take up 2 minutes of your time by asking some ‘simple’ questions. Please do not deprive me of my excitement to learn. And please – do not do this to anyone else.

An undergraduate student who wishes to be respected

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