Wake Up Call

“It’s too much work”
“What did I get myself into?”
“I hate all these assignments and responsibilities!”

We’ve all been there.
Hell, recently I’ve been in that black hole of “GAHHH I have too much work to do!” as well. But you know what? I’m lucky to be in the position I am!

Recently, the ‘Education Under Fire’ campaign (http://www.educationunderfire.com/) has gotten me thinking. If I was living in Iran at this very moment, I would not have the multitude of opportunities that I am getting right now in my life. University? Forget about it. I would not be given that right due to my religious beliefs. How crazy is that though? If I was the exact same person that I am now, but the only thing that was different about me was where I lived – I would not be able to get a higher education. Realizing that was a huge wake up call for me.

Today, multitudes are denied formal university education in Iran solely due to their religious beliefs.

So why am I complaining about university? There are so many students who wish to have a higher education but are not able to.

Instead of complaining about how hard university is or how many midterms we have coming up let’s be happy that we have the opportunity to take those midterms, to have the chance to complete assignments, and to be able to sit in a class and learn material we would not otherwise learn.


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