IKEA Haul!

I’ve been to IKEA before, but only to get food. I’ve never actually gone inside to see what it has to offer.

I did this time – AND IT WAS A MISTAKE!


Because I wanted to buy everything. This time I stopped myself from buying too much, BUT, the next time I go – IKEA may not have an inventory anymore because I’ll have gotten it all.

First off, all the showrooms they have make me want to re-decorate the house 10 times. Not only that, but the stuff that they sell have such reasonable prices!

Everything in this picture is from IKEA except for the little panda box – That’s from T&T

You guys know about my obsession with candles – so I couldn’t go to IKEA without walking out with a new candle in each hand.

Green apple candle! It smells soooo good!
Vanilla! One of my all-time favourite smells!

I also have an obsession with cute bowls and IKEA helped with providing an abundance of them. I limited myself to one… for now…

The colour didn’t come out too well in this picture – It’s actually this really nice pink colour
Bought a mixing bowl for when I make pancakes! Or maybe for when I eat bibimbap… who knows

I finally found a succulent! I’ve been looking for one for SUCH a long time!

I call him George. Hello George! (FYI – I have now removed the plastic around George)

Question! Anyone know how to take care of succulents? Because I’ve never had one until now.


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