Day(ish) Vancouver trip (pt5) – Shit son

So on the way back home from Vancouver, our first stop was in Chilliwack to drop one of our friends off (Chilliwack is ~2.5 hours away from where I live).

Now, I have the bladder of a chipmunk – so I ran off to use my friend’s washroom or I would not have made it.

As I’m making my way back to the car, my friend jokes “Do you have the keys?”


It didn’t end up being a joke.

She had forgotten her keys on the front seat, and had locked them in the car. #winning

So she called AMA/BCAA and they told us it would take around 45 minutes for them to come open the car door.

45 minutes soon became 50. 50 minutes soon became 1 hour. 1 hour soon became 1.5 hours. AND THEY STILL HADN’T SHOWED UP.

So, one of my friends and I decided to grab a wire hanger (from the neighbour – because our friend who lived in Chilliwack didn’t have one) – and we tried to break into the car.

Little did we know, but our friend’s fiancé took a picture of us (which we can now treasure and laugh at)


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to open the car up with the hanger. We may have even watched a YouTube video about how to do it… maybe…

FINALLY the guy arrived to open the car up – it was around 5ish I believe? We had planned to leave by 2 ahaha

This memory will definitely stay with me forever.



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