Day(ish) Vancouver trip (pt1)

VANCOUUUUUVVAAAAAH! The land of small coffee shops, amazing food, hustle&bustle, and great people! This past weekend, myself and a few of my friends decided to go for a short trip to Vancouver (one of my friends hadn’t gone – so that was an even better excuse to go 😛 )

I had never been on a road trip with friends, only with family, so this was a new experience for me. And a great one at that!

We headed out bright and early at 8am Saturday morning.


The view was magnificent! The drive to Vancouver (4ish hours) is usually beautiful, but this time, it was exceptional because it was fall. It was literally as if someone had dropped buckets of red, orange, yellow, and green paint on the trees – it was a masterpiece!




Before arriving in Vancouver – we made a quick stop at Olive Garden (I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately), and it was ohhh so yummy! I ordered some alfredo somethin’ somethin’ and mmmmm mmmmm was it ever good!

Toll Bridge – on the way to Vancouver

Once we arrived in Vancouver, we went straight to our hotel to drop everything off and get ready to explore. The hotel we stayed at was called the “Listel Hotel”. If I had to compare it to hotels I’ve previously stayed in, I would say it didn’t compare. BUT it was still nice. There were beds, a washroom, and a shower – so hey, it was good!


The next few blogs will be dedicated to pictures of places I went to (which weren’t many due to the lack of time spent in Van), and of course – pictures of the things I ate!








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