Guuuurl how YOU doin’?

Something very interesting happened to me today at university.

I was sitting in class and someone I knew came up to me and did the (almost obligatory) “hi, how are you?”

And I responded with “AMAZING!”


This individual seemed to have gone under cardiac arrest because she clearly didn’t know how to respond to that and there was a couple of seconds of awkward silence between us before she said “why?… did something special happen?”

And for a moment I was dumbfounded. Does something special have to happen for your day to be amazing? Isn’t your day amazing just by being alive? Or being loved by your friends and family? Or even, by figuring out the answer to your homework? (Let’s be real, if I could figure out all the answers to my homework, my day would most definitely be amazing – hell, it would be marvelous)

So, next time, when someone asks you how you’re doing, don’t just say “good, you?”. Wow them with your amazing vocabulary and replace ‘good’ with another positive adjective.



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