It’s raining men! …But not really

A couple days ago, I went downtown to meet up with a friend (who might I add, I had not seen in forever, so it was wonderful seeing her again!).

I decided to not be my typical lazy self, and actually walk to the bus stop instead of drive there and park the car. There were barely any clouds in the sky, and those that were up there seemed pretty harmless… or were they? (*foreshadowing* I REPEAT *FORESHADOWING*) 😉


So here I am, la dee da dee da, minding my own business and walking to the bus stop when all of a sudden some angry-looking clouds start to form.


Rain drops start to fall to the ground. At first little by little… plip, plop, plip, plop


And next thing I know, it’s like the Notebook up in here. Except there’s no Ryan Gosling and no “I wrote to you every day for a year”… just the heavy freakin’ downpour. (The video under this is a short vid I took before arriving downtown)

Luckily the downpour stopped shortly after and the sun came back out!