’tis the season!

Sorry for being MIA for a couple of days guys! University started back up again, and like always, I committed to too many things (resulting in my ‘panic mode’ button being activated). But here I am!


Right now, as I was working on a research proposal and sipping some coffee/hot chocolate (I think the technical word for that concoction would be a “Mocha”?), I realized something. ’tis the season for hot drinks! WOOOHOOOO!

Would you like some coffee with those marshmallows?

I don’t know if it’s the same for you guys or not, but for me I find that I don’t really like to drink hot drinks near the end of spring (after exams are finished of course, when I don’t need that coffee running through my veins) and during summer. BUT once fall hits – BAM! Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate once again find their way into my life.

What’s on top of this drink? Well I’m glad you asked! Marshmallows, coconut, and cinnamon!

Is it the same for everyone else? Or am I the only who breaks up with hot drinks for half the year?



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