What is a tree’s least favourite month?






I’ll show myself out.

Well September is here, and with it the beginning of schools and universities!
Yesterday was my first day back at university and already it feels like I’ve been here for a lifetime. Although, I technically have had 4 months off.


So with the start of a new school year, I want to make myself some goals that I will try my best to accomplish. For anyone who wants something to strive for during this upcoming year, I would suggest you write some goals too (share them with me!) – I find that whenever I write something down, it feels more concrete and I am more likely to go through with it instead of just think about it.


So, without further ado, here are three goals that I want to accomplish (excluding ‘doing well in my classes’ because I feel like that one’s a given):

  1. Try new things. Explore!
  2. Enjoy everything about life. From little things such as the breeze in the air to things like being around friends. And let’s not forget the hardships life throws my way. Enjoy everything and learn from everything!
  3. Become more confident in who I am. Don’t shy away from anything.

What are everyone else’s goals?




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