Life Lessons

I was taking the bus to university this morning – I was listening to my iPod and in my own world – and out of the blue the person beside me asked “What type of music are you listening to?”

I found myself speechless for a moment – because the type of music I was listening to was not the ‘norm’ of what people in my city listen to. Frankly, I don’t think it’s the ‘norm’ of Canada either. I was listening to kpop (more specifically, Big Bang) – and I found it very hard to admit it. Once I did, and the guy said ‘huh. weird.’, I found myself trying to justify why I was listening to it.

But hold up! Why on earth was I trying to justify it? I like kpop, so I will listen to kpop. There should be no other reason necessary than that.

Although this experience was brief, it made me learn something very big and important. Be who you are – don’t justify why you like the things you like. You just like them because you do and that is enough. Although you may not have the same taste, say, in music, as someone else, that in no way means you are below them.



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