Richmond Night Market

Heaven on Earth.
AKA = The Richmond Night Market.

“But why is this heaven on earth?” you may ask.
Well, to put it simply: The food is DIVINE. Although I was not able to try all the types of food they had there (due to my lack of money and also the lack of space in my stomach) – I seriously wanted to try everything there. I definitely need to make it a goal of mine to go back this upcoming year and consume everything in sight (#goals2016).

Exhibit A (so that you can believe me when I say the food is divine):

Shrimp Takoyaki

At the Richmond night market you can find many things, ranging from arcade games to small shops to food. The biggest attraction however, would definitely have to be the enormous amount of socks being sold.



You can get 7 pairs of socks for $10! AND they’re not plain socks either (JACKPOT!). I mean, who wants plain, boring black socks when you can get socks with character!

…I may have walked away with Iron Man, Batman, Totoro, Hello Kitty, Captain America, and a whole bunch of other socks… I may have… maaaaybe…


Here’s a short vlog I took when I went there with my friends. It’ll show you what I can’t express in words. Enjoy!


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