More Historical Sites of Greece

A couple of the days in Athens were spent visiting its magnificent historical sites.


I can’t stress enough how beautiful the design, structure, and architecture of these sites were. HOW were they made so beautifully such a long time ago? How did the Ancient Greeks move the huge stone columns to create the structures? I wish I had answers to these questions.

Picture taken in the Ancient Agora
Picture taken in the Ancient Agora

When you go, make sure to buy tickets to be able to see these places. They are 12 euros each (for a pack of 8 tickets I think? Something like that) and they are valid for a few days so you don’t have to go see all the sites in one day (thank God!).

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The following pictures are from the Temple of Olympian Zeus *queue ooooing and ahhhing*


Originally, there were 104 columns – but there are now only 15 that remain standing.
But guise, think about, how on earth were they able to place 104 columns? How were they able to make them? My mind is just full of question!


If you ever do decide to visit these places, make sure you have great shoes – seriously. I was wearing sandal type contraptions on my feet and boooooy were they in pain by the end of the day because I walked so much.

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