The 7 Steps to Actually Getting Work Done

Work will eventually be finished, but in the process a lot of procrastination will take place. ’tis life.

Step 1: Look longingly at the computer screen


What begins as a need to complete an assignment ends up with you just looking at the computer screen. Just staring. Blankly. Feeling that the longer you look at it, the more of a chance there is that the words you need to write might magically appear.

After looking at the screen for a long enough period of time and realizing that the words will not, in fact, magically appear, you continue on to step 2.


Step 2: Occupy yourself with things you wouldn’t usually do

Your room looks a bit messy? Well I guess it’s time to do spring cleaning!



You feel a little hungry? Time to make yourself a feast!


You haven’t talked to your parents in a while? Time to call them + the entire extended family! While you’re at it, just dial random numbers and talk with those people too.



Step 3: Write a to-do list

As you’re procrastinating, you tend to occupy yourself with writing a to-do list of everything you have to do. Unfortunately, said to-do list stresses you out even more and everything on it is actually irrelevant or due after the assignment that you are actually supposed to be working on. #priorities



Step 4: Literally check all social media sites known to man

Tumblr = Check.

Twitter = Check.

Instagram = Check.

Youtube = Check.

Facebook = Double Check.

MSN = It’s been 10 years, but suuure why not.



Step 5: Re-assess your life

Will you ever get this assignment done?

Maybe not finishing it means you’re not meant for the field of study or job that you’re in .

Should you quit?

What will happen afterwards?

Will you live on the street?

Will you end up selling potatoes to make a living?




Step 6: Take a break

You’ve been working so very hard, obviously it’s time to take a 2 hour 5 minute break. Your mind needs some time off from all that hard thinking.



Step 7: Time to sleep Time to get your work done

Now that you’ve wasted your day away, it’s about time you got something done. You tell yourself that this will be the last time you procrastinate like this. But let’s be real. You’ll tell yourself that again the next time you procrastinate as well. And the next time. Oh, and the time after that.



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