Dear Diary [3]: Half empty or half full?

Recently I read somewhere that 60% of people have come home from a vacation disappointed – because of the following reasons:

  1. Bad weather
  2. Everything being too expensive
  3. A bad travel partner
  4. Too much pressure to have fun
  5. Picked the wrong kind of resort, like a party hotel, when you wanted to relax
  6. Too many other tourists
  7. Transportation issues
  8. A disappointing beach
  9. Too many arguments with your significant other
  10. Bad views from the hotel

This got me thinking. Why is it that these things make people feel very disappointed of their vacation?

I is confused.


Instead, I thought it would be worthwhile to look at a few of the points and see what the benefits or positive outlook would be for each of them. Why is it that these things have to disappoint someone? Why can’t they actually be positive things? Would it not be so much better for you to come back from your vacation feeling not disappointed, but excited about the experiences you went through?

Let’s go through 5 items from the list and see what positives we can say for each one:

Bad weather
Sure, bad weather on a vacation may suck, especially if you are going to somewhere like Hawaii and are planning to go swimming and tanning during your entire stay. BUT who says you can’t make the best of it while mother nature is crying? One of my best memories was dancing in the rain with a group of friends. As the rain poured down on us (literally buckets and buckets of it), we danced and laughed and really had no care in the world. By the end of the night, the dye from my jeans was coming out because they were so soaked. What I’m trying to say is: the weather does not have to be sunny and hell-level temperature for you to enjoy your vacation.

Everything being too expensive
This is your vacation. You are going on this trip to enjoy yourself. So it’s okay to spend a little more than you normally would! Instead of worrying about the price of everything (although, do make sure you have enough money for all your trip), enjoy the taste of what you eat. Take pleasure in the little things. Try new dishes, eat something you probably wouldn’t if you were back at home.

A bad travel partner
Okay, so during your trip, this one is a bit harder to find a positive for – but afterwards, it would serve as a good learning experience. Now you know what type of person you can travel with and what type of person you can’t travel with. You’ll better understand the characteristics of someone you can stand and someone you can’t.

Too much pressure to have fun
I’m sorry. Just give me a second.
But seriously…
To look at this one positively, I would say that by the end of your trip, you would actually have some great memories because you actually went out and had some fun instead of sitting in your hotel room all day. Even then, you could still have fun in the hotel (STAHP. I didn’t mean it that way you dirty minded people). ‘Having fun’ may mean you sit and read a book, ‘having fun’ may mean you watch some television, ‘having fun’ may mean you go out with friends. As you can clearly see, ‘having fun’ can mean a lot of things. It does not have to be disappointing.

Picked the wrong kind of resort, like a party hotel, when you wanted to relax
Instead of sulking that you cannot ‘relax’, try something new. Go out and have fun in a different way than you normally would. Instead of being disappointed, change your outlook and enjoy yourself some other way. Maybe find a different way to relax. Instead of staying at the hotel, you could go for a walk around the neighborhood. Don’t let your vacation go to a waste by having a negative outlook on things.

All in all, it is up to us to decide whether we look at the cup half empty or half full. It is up to us to make our experiences positive. No one else is going to do that for us.

So my challenge to you all is this: Next time something happens to you and you become disappointed or look at the situation negatively, take a few deep breaths, then look at the situation again. Instead of the negative aspects, what aspects made it positive?


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary [3]: Half empty or half full?

  1. Great message within these lines here! I am new to blogging and would love for you to check my page out saying we stress similar messages to our readers. I would appreciate feedback (: wonderful post by the way!!


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