Cats of the Islands

Something I noticed during our Greek Island Tour: THERE WERE CATS EVERYWHERE!
And not scrawny, malnourished, looks-like-they’re-diseased, cats — these seemed like very healthy cats! AND THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!

Seriously though.

Look to the left: Cat.
Look to the right: Cat.
Look a couple meters in front of you: Cat.
What’s that flying in the sky? Probably a cat.

And naturally, that just meant I had to pet them. ALL of them. One by one.

But you see, there’s something you don’t know about me. And clearly I had forgotten this as well as I was petting all of the cats…

I’m allergic to these furry felines.

10 minutes after I started petting the cats I definitely felt the allergies coming: the runny nose, the scratchy throat, the ‘I want to rip my eyes out’ sensation. Benedryl was definitely my best friend that day.



Are you even alive?


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