Welcome to the beautiful island of

Taking approximately 2.5 hours to reach, this was the first and smallest island we visited during our cruise (arrival time: ~10:30am).
Due to how small the island was, we stayed the least amount of time here and set sail to Hydra at around 11:25am.

eyeemfiltered1401090981596Although we only had a short stay here, I enjoyed this island very much. It was quaint and very cute. The houses were also very beautiful in shape and colour, and the atmosphere had this ‘calming’ feeling to it.


BUT, I don’t think I could stay on this island for more than a few days if I came here for vacation. Why? Because there didn’t really seem to be much to do. Unless you like tanning and being in the ocean all day, I don’t think this would be the place to be. I, myself, enjoy hiking, exploring, and going on adventures – so I don’t think tanning all day would do it for me. However, I could be mistaken as to what attractions this island has. As I previously said, I was only on this island for a very brief period of time – so there is a very (VERY) good chance that I did not see all that it had to offer.





After exploring the island, we once again stepped onto the ship to make way to our next destination: Hydra.