The Acropolis

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At the Acropolis stands a most beautiful structure called the Erechtheion. It has been said that Poseidon hit the very rocks on which the Erechtheion was later to be built with his trident. From these rocks a majestic horse arose as a gift to the citizens. Poseidon did this act to win the people’s favour to become the patron of the city. However, as we can tell by the name of the city itself, Athens, the city ended up being named after the goddess Athena. Ultimately in the end, the two gods reside peacefully at the Acropolis through the temples and the legends weaved into the very earth of the city.

The Erechtheion


The walk to the center of Acropolis isn’t that long, but I wouldn’t say it’s super short either. My mother and I decided to walk to the Acropolis from our hotel instead of taking the metro there – so it was a bit longer for us. But oh so very worth it. I would definitely recommend walking from your hotel if you are visiting Athens (But first make sure that your hotel is in somewhat walking distance to the Acropolis – I don’t think you want to walk 3 hours to get to there… or maybe you do?). By walking to the Acropolis, you’re able to see more of Athens and are able to better immerse yourself in the Greek culture that is present at every step, every corner, and every street.

Recommendations if you plan to go:

1. Bring water (A LOT OF WATER).

2. Go earlier in the morning. Why?
Because it’s not as hot AND (most
importantly) there aren’t many tourists.

3. Comfy shoes. Remember, you’ll
probably be walking all day.

4. Don’t get swept up in the excitement
of taking pictures. Yeah, of course, take
pictures, but also enjoy the moment. Feel
the breeze on your face, listen to the
sounds surrounding you – don’t just get
caught up in enjoying what is around you
through a lens.

One thing that I had wished I would have done more when I went was to experience every second of my walk and to take it all in. I think that if I went now, I would most definitely appreciate it all so much more. Every crack in the wall, every detail in the architecture, even the very sound of the wind. The beauty of it all was so enticing and deserves so much praise.



The Acropolis


Walking up to the top of the Acropolis



The Parthenon